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The last few months has been focused around moving abroad, to Spain (Costa Del Sol). It's been a dream of mine and there's just some beauty in everyone being so tanned and well-being. Good to be back since 2015 when living here.

Here I am offering the possibility for a luxury holiday family photos at the beach or a breath taking anniversary portraits in mountains etc. So very down to earth portraits together and alone in the most beautiful views. You're so welcome to create with me once again, only now under the nurturing sun. It is also very interesting to get to try new shooting possibilities with these weather conditions as the mornings and evenings are full of new colors. <3


So we made a day trip to Mijas Pueblo today. I wanted to figure out how to get there the best and go check live the spots for upcoming shoots. It ended up to be only 20min by bus and 1,55€ per way. WHAT! And as we arrived there at about 10am we noticed that everything was only starting to opening up so it's very easy to use the village for photoshoots in the morning before the crowd. I love the spanish life-style, siestas, long mornings and all. How amazing is that!

Where should I take a look next?

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