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Third week has included so much. Physically and mentally.

Emotions. Maybe I've forgotten to be truly myself. It's been hard to see my life atm as an opportunity. I've felt more like guilty as being one "reckless teen" for leaving behind all the things that were in the right places in Finland and just randomly starting fully over. Am I scared of stability? What kind of life would really suit me then? I know this is a phase but to get over it I think I will let it go through me. So some deeper thoughts in between all the casual life.

So what does losing the voice of your heart mean? I think it happens in the every-day things. To slowly getting out of living with loving & honest presence. Feeling sour of things instead of trusting and getting back to the beauty of this life, gift. It blinds you for the good that you have around. Running behind things like nothing's enough. The feeling of not getting anywhere. Eventually just kinda like sailing without finding a port to stop and breath at.

Lately I've felt stuck with all the things I should be doing to be good at my work. A little hard time of believing in myself. There's a point to where social media is very inspirating but in the other hand also a point where it makes feel like not that good anymore. That's when it's time to take time out and breath. Sometimes it's too easy to get to be on Instagram and find yourself comparing to the hundreds of other photographers. And when being unconnected to your deeper-self it's not as easy to be always happy for them but to try to achieve the same. Sometimes there can be stigma to do everything the way what is right for your client and having to be so so so flexible with following all the trends and trying to just find the next thing to be in. So many things feeling like they come from the outside.

Less social media when feeling bored. I should chill and continue with the long walks and let the creativity come back at me. I know it will flow in the line within and I will have more peace. I will be back to me, more outgoing and hopefully attract more good stuff in my way because I am living. Get better work offers even because my face is physically in those places. It's different. It keeps things differently in balance. I don't want to have me and work me separated. I want life I can life fully.

What a relieve. I may just have answered to myself. It should be all in me. Wish me good luck friends. I wish all the best things to come in your way. I wish you peace and moments. True feeling of aliveness and joy!

Thank you for reading! <3

Ps. This week I just visited way too many places that were surprisingly so breath-taking and I would only have my phone. That's why the lesson of the week is to have my camera anywhere, anytime with me. That's when the moments happen.

Some of the best things here have been getting better health with all the sun and sporty lifestyle, meeting many inspirating people, spending time with my family and swimming in ocean any time I want to.

Some of the shots I took with my phone this week in Nerja Rio de Chillar.

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